How can nCAP Pain Relief help?




Pain Facts

One in three people worldwide suffers from chronic pain! If you’re one of them, chronic pain interferes with your life-impacting your mood, limiting your activities, and preventing you from sleeping. 

Many sufferers of chronic pain may be surprised to find out that common pain relief options and prescribed opioids may prevent one’s body from healing. 

Although there are many methods to relieve pain – prescription drugs and procedures, over-the-counter plasters and patches, herbal and other natural recipes – the sad truth is that most of them don’t help you heal. 

Why? Because almost all of these pain-relieving methods are designed to “dumb down” your nervous system. How? They mainly work to interrupt the communication between your body’s pain signals and the brain. They do this mainly by slowing down the signals, preventing them from reaching your brain, or a TENS injects an alternative electrical stimulus to distract your brain from registering the pain in your body.

On the other hand, nCAP Pain Relief enhances your body’s pain signals bi-directionally. By improving communication between your brain and your pain, nCAP Pain Relief allows your brain to clearly receive the pain signals – which then enables your brain to assist your body's natural healing processes. Instead of blocking the pain signals or telling the brain to ignore your body’s pain, nCAP Pain Relief helps your brain receive the pain signal – and then resolve the pain.

nCAP Pain Relief works with your body’s electrical system to help your brain do one of the jobs it’s meant to do: identify and resolve pain. This bi-directional process allows your brain to focus more on healing and less on screaming! Your pain level is lowered and a feeling of well-being is re-established.

The best part about nCAP Pain Relief is how fast it works – often immediately!

As soon as you place it near the pain, nCAP Pain Relief works to turn down all the static and improve communication between your brain and the pain. Many people feel their pain dimming – and even disappearing – within minutes!

nCAP Pain Relief is completely non-invasive. It adds zero drugs, zero electricity, zero anything into your body! It simply helps your brain and pain talk to each other better and faster.

nCAP Pain Relief works – and without any side effects! No addiction, no dizziness, no dry mouth – nothing! Because nCap Pain Relief adds nothing to your body, it requires no compensation or adjustment by your body!

nCAP Pain Relief works quickly and accurately and can be reused for many months when cared for properly. It works for many types of pain and in many parts of your body. Whether it’s a pain you’ve lived with for days, months, or years – nCAP Pain Relief can help!

Pain Relief Kit


For all-over Body Aches, Muscle Knots and Pain Relief!


The® device utilizes patented "Neuro Capacitive Coupling" technology in a thin, reusable device that can reduce or eliminate pain quickly sometimes in minutes. It's 100% safe and is fast acting. The® device is a revolutionary Drug-Free, Chemical free, completely safe way to relieve pain! 

This Pain Relief Kit includes 3 devices designed to fit every part of Your body:

  • 1) 2"x5" (5cm x 12cm) device
  • 1) 4"x4" (10cm x 10cm) device
  • 1) 3"x6" (76mm x 152mm) device

Our devices are smooth on one side and have Hook and Loop (hook) on the back.

Powered by nCAP's patented Neurocuple® technology, this tech has brought relief to millions of people around the world, and it's Your turn now!® devices are built to work for years if not lost or misplaced, making this one of the most cost effecting solutions you can buy. 

Our products are guaranteed to make you happy or your money back!

Fast Acting Relief

Place this device wherever you feel pain or discomfort and experience quick relief. Most experience relief in the first 10 minutes!


The® device can be worn over and over, day after day, without losing functionality.

Great for use on:

  • Backs
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • And Everywhere In-Between!


  • Reusable
  • Drug-Free, Herbal Concoction Free, no creams, no smells or sticky stuff
  • Active over 100% of the surface
  • The lightweight, contoured, flexible design allows freedom of movement and all-day comfort
  • Aids in maintaining an active lifestyle


The device does not need to be directly located on the surface of the skin; it can be separated by thin clothing or cloth. The® device can be held in place using a variety of options such as our included loop fabric, bandage, wraps, safety pins, medical tapes, or simply placed over the desired area or laid upon while resting or sleeping.

Start by placing the device directly over the pain, wait a few minutes and then move it slightly, and wait a couple more minutes, repeat this process until you are feeling relief. Once relief is found then choose the method of securing it in place. See our how to use section for more examples.  We are always happy to answer any questions by phone or email.

Clean by hand with a damp cloth moistened with a mild detergent, then air dry.


If you have any medical conditions, or are pregnant consult your physician before use.

Our Pain Relief Device does not eliminate the cause of your pain and is not a cure, but it does provide a simple, wearable, alternative for pain relief to maintain an active lifestyle.


Keeping it Simple, Less Wasted Packaging® is aware of the impact disposable products make on the environment. Because of this,® strives to design sustainable products that can be reused over and over again for years!

We have worked hard to eliminate the need for additional packaging supplies and expenses, by continually improving the design and materials used in our products.

By placing our products directly in a flexible recycled paper mailer, we have reduced the weight, size, plastics, energy, and impact to the environment in delivering it to you!