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nCap Medical LLC announces it has accumulated anecdotal evidence

OCTOBER 19, 2016 nCap Medical LLC announced it has accumulated anecdotal evidence that its non-invasive, Neurocuple(tm) technology has mitigated both acute and chronic pain without the need of opioids. The Company’s teaming partner, the Sidra Academic and Research Hospital, will conduct random, double blind studies. The Academic Teaching Faculty WCMC supports the Institution: Qatar Ministry of Health and its other partner institutions at Education City, Qatar (Georgetown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Weill-Cornell Medicine in Qatar, college of the North Atlantic and HEC, Paris). Dr. G. Russel Reiss, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery,  formerly at the University of Utah, commented, “If the studies of the nCap nano-technology based material reveal efficaciousness, this could have one of the most significant impacts on the practice of...