I have suffered with plantar fasciitis and neuropathy in my feet for over 5 years now. Rhett told me about the pain patches, and although being skeptical they worked Fantastic! Thanks man. Do you want to get together and go over an accounting of what i've lost? I'd already spent tens of thousands of dollars on neurologists, doctors, blood work, tenz (electric shock) therapy, prescription drugs and natural remedies. Nothing helped either the pain or the numbness in my feet. I got two of the 2x5 patches from Rhett, immediately placed them in my shoes and 5 minutes later I was no longer limping, pain was gone about 80%! Next day I helped friends move out of their home for 3.5 hrs, lifting/carrying heavy furniture etc. I could NOT believe I was even walking, but not only walking...I HAD NO PAIN! Note...I had placed the patches directly on the soles of my feet and between my weight (I'm 6'4" 250 lbs) and wet shoes (grass was wet) one patch started to delaminate...but it still works! I recommend not walking directly on them. They work great for me placed anywhere on the top or side of my foot or even up around my ankle. It doesn't seem to matter to much where I place it as long as it's close to the pain source. I was facing being forced to curb my very active lifestyle but with these pain patches from nCap I am back in action! THANKS RHETT! This is a game-changing break-through technology! I absolutely recommend it to everyone experiencing pain.





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