My son recommended your product to me with a very strong personal review so I purchased the small and medium patches and tried them on some rib pain that I had after a fall. Put the small (rectangular) patch on my lower chest and instantly lost the pain. I wore the patch for several hours with no pain. But, unlike I'd read in some online reviews, my pain didn't return when I removed the patch. Later that same day, the injured rib started aching in my back so I use the larger (square) patch there and, again, no pain. I wore it for several hours as well and, just as with the chest application, no pain after I removed the patch. I then retired for the night without pain and slept soundly all night. I don't understand the mechanics of how this works although I've known for a long time that our bodies are electro-chemical "devices" so interrupting the "energy" flow can reduce or eliminate pain (having successfully used acupressure before), but however you've created the "resistance" to the pain path, it surely works. Thanks for a great tool!


Bill C

Tags: back, chest, rib
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