Chronic pain sucks. I tore my rotator cuff at work several years ago. The last few years my pain was through the roof 10. My whole left arms goes numb. Two years ago, my husband purchased one of your patches for me. I knew it was junk. How many products on the market make promises and fall seriously short? But when my husband does something thoughtful, I gotta follow through. After the first pain. No numbness. For the first time in many years I don't have to choose narcotics or pain. For two years, I haven't had to take a narcotic for my shoulder pain. The sky is blue and bright. I am happy. I am pain free. You did this You and my husband gave me a much better life with your patch and I am eternally grateful to you both. After two years using your patch, I am so awed by how well it still works. I think it's important you know how very thankful I am to be using your product. Thank you for making my life better. Respectfully indebted to you.





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