I would just like to thank you and your company for this miracle invention. I have suffered from excruciating headaches almost my entire life and have basically become dependent on aspirin which is terrible for my stomach. My boyfriend also has a very painful upper back injury. Needless to say my boyfriend and I quickly began to fight over the patch once we experienced the effects. So i had to come back and order one for me (i got the bigger one this time!) Also a side note: I don't know if this is typical of your results but i had burned my hand very badly (2nd degree burn with blister) and because the pain was too much to bear i thought maybe the patch will help. So i taped it to my arm went to sleep and the next morning i was amazed to find not only was there no pain but i couldn't even see where the burn originally was. I am still shocked. How is that possible?!?! I am going to experiment with using it for anything and everything! It is truly a miracle. Thank you so much for this little wonder. Anyone reading this wondering if they should try it...TRY IT! it will be the best money you spend! Guaranteed!


Lisa Costa



Tags: back, burn, headache
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