What can cause shoulder pain?



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Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain are listed below:

Muscle Knots: The area around the knot will feel tender to touch or firmer than the surrounding area. Knots may occur from over-doing while exercising, playing sports or performing tasks you rarely do. Muscle knots are often treated with massage or warm packs. The PainRelief.io patch will quickly release muscle knots in a few minutes after application.

Frozen shoulder: Symptoms can include pain and restricted movement. Frozen Shoulder can be caused by 3 or 4 of the muscle groups supporting your shoulder are in continuous contraction, commonly referred to as knots. Placing an nCAP patch over these knots will quickly turn them off, freeing your shoulder in as little as 15 minutes. The medical name for this condition is adhesive capsulitis. It is scarring and inflammation of the shoulder capsule. The shoulder capsule is a ligament that surrounds and stabilizes the joint. Surgery is performed on these capsules.

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Osteoarthritis is an age-related degeneration. It can occur in the shoulder due to the wear-and-tear of the joint over time. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder (the body’s immune system attacks the joints). It can affect any joint in the body, including the shoulder.  Arthritis, osteoarthritis, or degenerative arthritis with bone spurs can be very painful. The PainRelief.io patch can help reduce the swelling and inflammation.

Shoulder Impingement: This occurs when the edge of the shoulder blade intrudes on the rotator cuff muscles. Typically, it happens while lifting the arm. leading to inflammation or damage to the rotator cuff, causing pain.

Torn Rotator Cuff: This is a tear in one of the tendons or muscles of the rotator cuff. It can be the result of long-term overuse or a sudden injury.

Tendonitis: Tendons in the rotator cuff that can become inflamed. Symptoms include pain, tenderness, inflammation and swelling.

Bursitis: A bursa is a tiny sac of fluid that allows smooth movement between various structures in a joint. Shoulder bursitis is a condition in which a bursa in the shoulder becomes inflamed. The symptoms include pain, especially in the outer arm and with overhead activities.

Labral tear: This is a tear in the cartilage (labrum) that lines the shoulder joint. It usually does not require surgery.

Dislocated Shoulder: This occurs when the humerus (upper arm bone) slips out of its normal position. There is pain and a popping sensation when the arm is raised.

Pulled Muscle: common reason for shoulder blade pain is a muscle strain, also known as a pulled muscle. This may result from overuse or stress on the arms or upper back.

Bad posture: Slouching forward places stress on the muscles in the back. As a result, you may feel pain under your shoulder blade. Sit up straight

Shoulder pain originating in the joint usually worsens with activities or movement of your arm or shoulder.

Heart disease or gallbladder disease can cause shoulder pain, this is called referred pain. Referred shoulder pain usually doesn't worsen when you move your shoulder.

Exercises can help improve some shoulder conditions. A regular stretching and exercise program can strengthen the shoulder muscles and improve joint flexibility. Using the PainRelief.io patch to reduce the pain beforehand will allow better range of motion during your stretching and exercise sessions.

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